Reformed Theology Lunch Hospitality  Calvinism

Lunch Hospitality

Reformed Theology Lunch Hospitality  Calvinism
Lunch Hospitality

Within the last month I resolved to always be ready to invite a visitor at church over for lunch. Having just yesterday gotten back from a week away, there is not much of anything in the fridge.

While we do have many freezer meals, none of them will thaw quickly enough for lunch today, so I am wondering what solutions you folks may have. Please keep in mind that going out to eat or buying groceries is not acceptable.

Other thoughts are welcome, but I am specifically looking for recommendations towards:

  • Some sort of "dry soup mix" that could be ready within 45 minutes of getting home from church

    • Secondary thought: these things seem pretty expensive in stores. Is it reasonable to make them yourself?
  • A freezer meal that could similarly go from frozen to table within 45 minutes

  • A decent meal that could be made within 45 minutes from ingredients with a fairly long shelf life in the fridge

Submitted by daraseti_piqqudeka

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