Reformed Theology My wife is pregnant. Hooray!  Calvinism

My wife is pregnant. Hooray!

Reformed Theology My wife is pregnant. Hooray!  Calvinism
My wife is pregnant. Hooray!

Along with Frankfusion, my wife and I also found out she was pregnant last week. We've been trying to get pregnant for about six months so this is exciting news. We are due in March.

I am excited and terrified. I'm here to ask for your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and also seek wisdom.

The pregnancy is already putting stress on our marriage. My wife is generally a tired person, and now that she found out she is pregnant, she seems more tired than usual, and wants to sleep almost 14 hours a day (12 hours at night and then an hour or two nap during the day). She is on summer break from her job in education, so I'm happy to let her sleep in a little, but to me this seems excessive even for a pregnant woman. Am I dead wrong here?

I'm also afraid she will use the pregnancy as an excuse to eat in a very unhealthy manner and gain alot of unnecessary weight. She doesn't have good dietary habits unless I basically make her count calories or avoid certain foods. I can't get her to self-regulate, so I feel like the physical health of our family falls entirely on me. But I don't want to be the bossy husband who makes her do stuff against her will. We all know how it turns out for a husband who tries to make his wife do things she doesn't want to do.

Should I just let these things go? I mentioned the food thing to her the other night and she got very defensive and we had a pretty serious argument over it. She is currently still a healthy weight, but has gained quite a bit in the last five years since we got married (she was rail thin before) and if the upward curve continues, I'm really afraid for her health. If I'm honest I also really don't want a fat wife. Am I in sin to fear over this?

Most of my post is taken up venting and complaining I guess. I don't know where else to take this stuff. I think if I talked to any of the men in our church about it and my wife found out, she'd consider it a betrayal. But if I talk to her about it, she feels extremely insecure and will get defensive very fast. I know this from five years of experience.

In general I am really happy that she's pregnant and can't wait to meet our baby, but my joy is being overshadowed by this other stuff right now. What do?

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