Reformed Theology Update - Meeting with Mormon Missionaries  Calvinism

Update – Meeting with Mormon Missionaries

Reformed Theology Update - Meeting with Mormon Missionaries  Calvinism
Update – Meeting with Mormon Missionaries

Hello again, /r/reformed!

In an earlier post, I asked for advice, prayers, etc., regarding an upcoming meetup that I and a few friends of mine would be having last week.

Well it happened last Wednesday so I figure I should relay to you guys how it all went down!

So my two friends and I, one a fairly new Christian, and the other a fellow student who is studying the Bible. We met the two Mormon guys that afternoon at a local university campus. We proceeded to let them give us their speech, while we would interject with questions throughout the discussion.

My friend and I had done a ton of reading in preparation for the discussion. Mostly memorizing scripture references for things like Trinitarianism, the virgin birth and conception of Christ, etc., just major points of derision between Mormonism and Christianity.

Alongside that, I had prepared a few general philosophical questions and problems that I had with Mormonism at-large, many of which went unused, but some were pretty helpful.

Anyway, the guys we talked to were about 19 or 20, and both of them were surprised to learn that my friend and I were both familiar with Greek and a bit of Hebrew. As a result, all of the discussion revolving textual critical stuff was pretty much one-sided. Their version (KJV) sometimes sounded a lot like it supported their views, but we had ESV bibles as well as our Greek New Testaments with us so we could look their as well.

In the end, the guys were super nice, and I enjoyed talking with them, but it was really obvious that they were in over their heads. I would've liked to have talked to some older elders with a little bit more debating experience under their belt, but either way, hopefully the conversation opened their eyes a bit.

I really can't think of even one line of discussion that we weren't far more convincing on, and this is coming from a guy who has done varsity debate for going-on three years now. Most of our questions were answered with cliches or just went unanswered. Almost no arguments from them were coming from the Bible; just their scriptures.

All in all I just tried to demonstrate that the gospel is functionally different if you include their scriptures, and as such links into Galations 1:8-9. If you only had the Christian scriptures, then the gospel is different than theirs. Honestly, they seemed mildly receptive to the idea.

In the end they argued for Mormonism on the basis of personal experience. We heard them out and empathized as best we could, but ultimately my friend and I argued that emotional experience is not unique to Christianity or Mormonism, and as such should not be taken as the end-all-be-all of belief, but rather, the scriptures, as the word of God, should be taken as the foundation of belief.

It was really a fun time and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to talk with them. They were incredibly cordial despite not really being prepared for what they walked into. Either way, great experience and I hope and pray that God opens their hearts to the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thanks again for all of the resources that you guys linked! They were incredibly helpful!

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