Reformed Theology Women's Bible study! Pt. 2  Calvinism

Women’s Bible study! Pt. 2

Reformed Theology Women's Bible study! Pt. 2  Calvinism
Women’s Bible study! Pt. 2

Hi! I posted yesterday in r/reformed asking if there were any ladies who would like to participate in a Bible study with me. I was told I should crosspost to r/reformedladies. However the sub seems a little inactive. So, at the risk of annoying someone I'll post a more detailed post here again.

A little about me: This will be the first Bible study I lead, but definitely not my first attended. But I'm very excited to learn with all of you. I attend a small reformed church in South Texas and I'm a STAHM to two children. One is my 7 year old son who is severely disabled and the other is my 1 1/2 year old daughter. They keep me busy. I suffer from (at times) debilitating ocd and depression but one of the ways I cope with it is learning about God.

So! I would be using the materials from Jen wilkin and I'm looking at Hebrews currently as a possibility. There is a list if anyone would like to check it out. I've already done her study on James. It was great.

So, this is ideally how it would work. We could do it via Google groups or Fb. Right now I'm looking at the app Groupme and it seems the be the best option. Assuming most of us have smart phones it should be fairly accessible. I don't have a Facebook because I find it extremely invasive, but I will make one specifically for this bible study if it's needed. 🙂

There is a workbook in pdf form that can be downloaded that we will be using. I'd suggest listening to the podcast after going through the workbook as a lot of the answers are in the podcast. Week by week of course.

We can get together via whatever platform we decide on to discuss every two weeks. Or weekly if that's better. Ideally I'd like to start the study this month.

If you or your wife are interested comment and include what book you'd be interested in studying. Whether you'd prefer to discuss every week or every two weeks. Feel free to give any suggestions on how we could go about doing this. 🙂

Thank you, ladies! And gentlemen. Haha.

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